3 Benefits of Hiring a Mold Cleaning Professional

September 3, 2015



The dangers associated with having mold in your home or business are a continued discussion and have been for years. Having your home  cleaned by a mold cleaning professional is a must. There are numerous benefits associated with hiring a certified and licensed mold cleaning professional, we will discuss three below.

1. Reduce health risks: The health risks associated with prolonged exposure to mold are numerous. Having your home cleaned by a professional will ensure that you are living in a much healthier environment. You cannot put a price on your health and continued exposure to mold is dangerous. Despite what others may tell you no one can tell if a particular mold has mycotoxins or could cause you, or your family, any health problems. To know this stuff mold needs to be tested and you must see your doctor. 


2. Professional cleaning: When a professional comes to your home to clean for mold, they know exactly what they are looking for because they are experienced in the business. Many people think they can take care of cleaning mold on their own but no matter how hard you try, your cleaning of mold cannot compare to that of a professional. Proper mold remediation does not just contain the cleaning of the mold but also includes getting airborne mold spores down to acceptable levels with the proper HEPA filtration equipment. 


3. Stop it at the root: There is no use in having your home cleaned for mold if you can’t find the root cause. A professional will not only clean for mold, but they are also able to diagnose the root cause of the problem. Finding the root cause of the growth is the first step to completely eliminating mold growth in your home. 


The dangers of living with mold in your house or place of business are numerous. The benefits are well worth having your home or business professionally cleaned of mold. Piece of mind is priceless.

For more information on the benefits associated with mold cleaning, please contact us. We are ServiceMaster Quality Services and we are here for you when needed. 


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