3 Reasons Why Janitorial Services Should Include Window Washing

October 26, 2015


Most janitorial services for local businesses include standard venue cleaning as well as specialty deep-cleaning services on demand. Yet it is a little known fact that window and screen washing are among the most crucial cleaning options your professionals should offer your company. Why?


  1. Heightened curb appeal. Your business looks more attractive with cleaned, streak-free windows. The lack of cobwebs, crusted on detritus and dulled appearance makes an excellent first impression.
  2. Healthier interior. Wind brings pollen, bacteria and dirt. Your windows and screens are consistently bombarded with these particles. If your business has windows that open, you expose employees and customers to the potentially harmful grime. When your windows and screens undergo a regular cleaning regimen, you minimize their exposure. 
  3. Positive impression. Have you ever sat inside a restaurant and had to consciously look away from the windows because of the buildup of dirt and dead bugs? When was the last time you returned to this place? Leave your guests with a positive impression when seated by the window. Clean windows, screens, tracks and sills may result in return business.


Of course, not any type of commercial cleaner will do. Work with a professional janitorial company that takes a hands-on approach and one whose Cleaning Specialists visually inspect the areas they are treating. Moreover, this approach to treating windows makes the service ideal for panes with difficult to reach corners or odd shapes.

Why stare at the streaks from the last cleaning job when you could enjoy sparkling glass panes? ServiceMaster Quality Services professionals understand the importance of doing the job right the first time around. Contact us today to find out more about our window cleaning services as well as our other commercial janitorial and floor maintenance specialties.






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