3 Signs You’ve Got Water Damage

April 14, 2015



You’ve heard that water damage is expensive, but unless the roof is leaking or the basement has flooded, how can you tell that your home or office has water damage? We’ve got 3 key indicators of water damage. If you see these signs, you know it’s time to call in the pros.  

3 Signs You’ve Got Water Damage:

  1. Your wall paint is changing – When pipes in the wall break, they leak moisture inside the wall — someplace you cannot see. The extra moisture can cause wall paint to bubble or peel. Contact with water also causes the surface to mold, so you might notice mold or mildew coming through on the wall. 
  2. The floor is buckling or sagging – When wood comes into contact with water, it swells. So if water has gotten into the floorboards or the sub-floor, it can cause swelling. In some cases, the wood underneath can begin to rot away. Instead of buckling or swelling, the floor can seem like it is sagging or sinking. Your floor should feel even from one end to the other; if you notice that areas of it have risen or sunk, you very well may have water damage. 
  3. You smell or hear something strange – Left unchecked, water damage leads to mold and mildew, which you will smell in the air. Sometimes, you may feel like you hear a faint sound of running water. If you’ve checked the taps and the toilet and hear something, you may be listening to a leak! 

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