4 Things Not to do to Your Carpet for Effective Carpet Cleaning

October 13, 2014

We all love our carpet don’t we? We also all recongize the need to keep our carpets properly cleaned for aesthetic appeal and overall health of your home. Read on to find out things you should not do to accomplish these important goals. 

As a homeowner, keeping your carpet fresh and appealing is important to ensure that your home is welcoming and comfortable to be in. Plus, having an appealing carpet will prevent you from having to replace it anytime soon and ensure that your home’s value does not depreciate quickly because of poor quality flooring. Here are four things that you should not do to your carpet to ensure that carpet cleaning is effective, and you make the carpet last for a long period of time in your home. 



  1. Scrubbing: You should never scrub at the carpet in order to remove any spills or stains. This is because your carpet is made of fibers that are all twisted together to give the carpet its beautiful look. When you begin to fiercely scrub away at the carpet, these fibers become loose and begin to untwist, which makes the carpet appear raggedy and torn apart.  
  2. Using Non-Carpet Cleaner: Any cleaner that is non designed to be carpet cleaner should not be used on the carpet. Cleaners that are not meant to clean the carpet in your home can take the color out of carpet, tear away at it, make the stain harder to get out, and more. 
  3. Wearing Your Shoes on the Carpet: As soon as you come home, your shoes should go off. Think of all the dirt that is on the bottom of your shoes that gets left behind on the carpet. Since the dirt gets picked up from your carpet, you can be left with many stubborn stains that are difficult to remove.
  4. Dragging Furniture: Dragging furniture around on the carpet may seem like no big deal, but in fact, you are actually tearing away at the fibers of the carper when you are doing this. This is going to make the carpet appear shaggy in the areas where you have dragged the furniture. Plus, things can get snagged onto the carpet and rip away at it, as well. 


If you want professional advise make sure you deal with a company that has been around for awhile, has a great reputation, has properly certified Technicians, and doesn’t have “closing the deal” as the most important goal for the company. Want a company that meets all of those criteria then contact ServiceMaster Quality Services. We offer carpet cleaning services that are sure to resolve any issues with your carpet that you may be having today and if we can’t do this for you we certainly will let you know at NO cost to you. 


Treat your carpet right and it will treat you right by staying around for many years. Go ahead and do the right thing by contacting us. You will be glad you did!


By: Gene Rhodes




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