6 Tips to Save Time With House Cleaning

October 7, 2016


Most people hate when it’s time for doing their weekly house cleaning chores. While many people believe it takes a lot of time to keep their house clean, this isn’t true if you have the right tips and tricks on your side.


 Some of the best tips for saving you lots of time include:

  • Take a few dryer sheets (even used ones work for this) and place them in the bottom of your trash can. From there they’ll not only absorb any accidental spills, but they’ll also help mask any nasty odors.

  • Place about 10 paper towels on your microwave’s turntable. After using the microwave each time remove the paper towel that’s on top.

  • Pour one cup of distilled, white vinegar in your toilet every month. Allow it to remain there overnight before flushing. This eradicates hard-water stains.

  • Traditional bar soaps have lots of binders in them. These are responsible for creating soap scum and causing clogged drains. When you switch to liquid soap or glycerin bar soap, you’ll no longer have these issues.

  • Keep a small, flexible squeegee hanging in your shower. After each shower, simply use it to wipe down your tile walls and glass shower door.

  • While you’re showering, make sure you turn the bathroom exhaust fan on or crack the window by your shower. Make sure you leave it on for at least 10 minutes after showering as well. This helps prevent mold and mildew from building up.


Once you try using some of these tips and tricks, you’ll find cleaning your house is much easier. However, if you still need some help keeping your house clean ServiceMaster Quality Services in Houma, La. at (985)872-1029.. We’re happy to help!





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