8 Reasons a Clean Home is Important

April 20, 2017


We all feel tired and don’t want to clean up after we get home from work. Yet we still somehow find the energy to do something most of the time. Why? Why is it important for our homes to be clean?

1 – Household Pests

Mice, roaches, ants, rats – all find plenty of hiding places and things to eat in a dirty home. They create more dirt, they destroy your belongings, and they carry a lot of diseases. A clean home is less hospitable to them, and you will notice signs that they are trying to move in earlier if your house is clean and they can’t hide. Then you’ll be able to do something about it sooner.

2 – Allergies

Dirty homes collect more dust, dander, mold, hair, and pollen. If you or a family member or frequent visitor have allergies or asthma, it will be much worse in a dirty home.

3 – Safety

From fires to fall hazards, a clean home is less dangerous. Things will not be out there to trip over or stub your toe on. There will not be fire hazards; nothing will be stacked on the stove, or near electrical outlets. Your pets or children will likely not find things to choke on or get injured by.

4 – Less Waste

Belongings last longer if they are cared for. You will not keep buying things because they are gone and then finding out you have six slotted spoons. 

5 – Health

Dirty homes host more germs. You are more likely to get sick from opportunistic illness. You are more likely to get food poisoning. You are more likely to get infections in any injuries if your home is dirty.

6 – Comfort

Living in a clean and organized space is more comfortable. You don’t have to dodge things so you don’t stub your toe. You don’t have to wonder where something is. You don’t have to feel bad if someone comes by unexpectedly. You can feel proud of your space.

7 – Space

Clean and organized homes seem to have more space; we perceive a room as larger when there are not things piled everywhere, and when the floor and furniture are clear of clutter. You feel more comfortable and even freer in a room with a little space in it.

8 – Mental Well-Being

You feel a sense of accomplishment at maintaining a clean home. You don’t feel the pressure of, “oh, I’ve got stuff I need to do” when you are trying to relax. You feel less guilty. You feel calmer and less anxious.  You are able to focus better. You can let go of the day and be at peace.

A clean and orderly home is a wonderful thing to have! But it is difficult sometimes to find the time and energy to do it yourself. Sometimes you just want some help. ServiceMaster Quality Services would love to be that help. Call us today to find out what we can do for you!


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