Advantages of Subcontracting Janitorial Services

October 20, 2016


Are you the decision maker at your place of business? Have you ever considered the benefits of subcontracting janitorial services to a professional cleaning service? Rather than relying on employees (who really don’t have the time, desire, or know-how) to do the janitorial work, why not consider outsourcing your janitorial work to an outside agency better prepared to provide those much-needed services? Today we would like to offer a few credible advantages your business will benefit from by hiring a trustworthy and reliable cleaning service. 

Reduced Cost

By virtue of hiring a professional janitorial cleaning service, you can avoid not only the payroll involved but any type of benefits package offered to permanent employees. Such as a 401K, health insurance, social security tax, unemployment insurance, and paid time off. Other costs that you won’t need to absorb are such things as cleaning equipment, supplies, chemicals, and training. 


ServiceMaster Cleaning Specialists are licensed and insured. Frequent ongoing formal training is updated and provided. Instead of trusting one of your office workers to climb a ladder to clean dirty windows and risk injury along with a workmen’s compensation claim, consider outsourcing your janitorial work to a professional cleaning company. 

Specialized Training

ServiceMaster professionals receive comprehensive training for a variety of topics that include corporate objectives, safety training, equipment training, as well as various cleaning techniques of our own patented cleaning system. Most importantly, on-site training provides an understanding of any customer’s particular need. Our staff is highly trained in routine cleaning tasks as well as restoration services. 

High Standards

ServiceMaster Quality Services seeks to hire trustworthy men and women of high character and integrity. Candidates for hire should possess a servant’s heart. After all, janitorial service is a service that not everyone is cut out for. It is a rare and unique individual who will willingly apply for a position to clean up someone else’s mess. These are folks who are able to perform their duty without someone constantly looking over their shoulder.  

These are but a few advantages of hiring an outside janitorial service. Depending on your individual profile, we are certain you can think of more. We would like to hear from you and help determine what we can do for you. You are invited to contact ServiceMaster Quality Services today for a free assessment and quote for all of your janitorial services. 







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