Amazing Facts About Carpet Cleaning That May Surpise You

September 16, 2016


What facts regarding carpet cleaning would you consider amazing or surprising? The carpet is dirty, so you run down to your local equipment rental dealership, rent a carpet cleaner, and clean it. Right? Wrong! Before you do that we have prepared a short quiz to help enlighten your decision-making prowess. We want to prove to you that it is far more superior to have your carpet cleaned by a professional cleaning company rather than taking on the task yourself. We provide the answers and rationale for why it is prudent to have your carpet professionally cleaned. 

  1. Professional carpet cleaning is too expensive. (False) The carpet in your home cost anywhere from hundred’s to possibly thousands of dollars to install. With that type of investment you don’t want to replace it anytime soon. ServiceMaster technicians know exactly what type of solution to use on your carpet, how much pressure to apply, and how to remove spots, stains, and soil without leaving your carpet a wet matted mess. Carpet cleaning done by a ServiceMaster technician is designed to make your carpet last and even extend its lifetime. 
  2. Professional carpet cleaning should be done every 12-18 months. (True) However, the frequency of cleaning is dependent on the stream of foot traffic. For example, if your residence consists of a family with pets and someone who is a smoker, we recommend professional cleaning of all traffic areas every 3-6 months with a restorative cleaning twice a year.
  3. Regular vacuuming will remove soil and dust particles and will help reduce the frequency of carpet cleaning. (False) Over time, the soil brought in by foot traffic accumulates and acts as sandpaper, grinding the fibers of your carpet to shreds. No matter how consistent you are with your vacuuming, no matter how great a vacuum cleaner you have, you are not going to remove every bit of debris. 

There is much more that could be said as to the advantage of securing a professional carpet cleaning company like ServiceMaster Quality Services. Many homeowners do not realize the advantage of a professionally cleaned carpet. Give us a try. You will be glad you did. Contact us today for a free inspection, assessment, and quote. We look forward serving you and making you happy with your decision.





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