Benefits of a Professional Cleaning Service

April 14, 2016


You take pride in the way your business appears. Your employees take pride in where they work. Your workplace is like a second home. You ensure that the infrastructure of your business is well-kept. You understand sanitation and cleanlinessare worthy hallmarks of any successful business enterprise. 

Cobwebs reveal you are sharing your business with uninvited guests and you notice the windows have dulled over the past winter from storms that posthumously cloud the beautiful spring weather. Employee break-room floors have lost their luster and the rest-rooms need decontamination.

With the arrival of spring, the sun has become a bright beacon of light, illuminating soiled carpet from mud-soaked shoes, a melting pot of coffee spills on the carpet, and greasy hand-prints on doors and walls.  Dirt, dust, grime, everywhere you go, your business is begging, clean me.

April showers bring May flowers but in the meantime recent storms are raising havoc and creating janitorial and restorative challenges that need qualified professionals to step in and provide the cleanliness you expect and the service you deserve. ServiceMaster would like you to know and experience the benefit of having a professional cleaning service. We’ve listed some of those benefits here for your consideration. 

  • Customer retention – the first thing someone may notice is whether or not your place of business is clean. A clean establishment may or may not be a deal breaker, but if you pay attention to the detail of your own business, your customers will trust that you will pay attention to their business needs. 
  • Therapeutic benefit – production will increase if employees are given a clean environment in which to work 
  • Professional attention to detail – in the hands of a professional cleaning service such as ServiceMaster, you’re assured of a spotless environment.
  • Customized service according to your schedule – Morning, noon, or night.  We will work with your schedule.
  • Reduce stress – you have better things to do than worry about janitorial issues.
  • Saves time and money – time because you don’t have enough of it, and money because your professional cleaning service can generate a higher level of contentment, trust, and peace of mind. 

ServiceMaster Quality Services professionals are certified and trained in a number of areas that can benefit your business. Call Us today for more information and schedule a free inspection to assess the level of service you need and desire. We look forward to hearing from you and stand ready to serve you at your convenience. 








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