Biohazard and Disaster Restoration Services

July 5, 2017


When tragedy strikes, we would all like to believe we have the fortitude and the mettle to stand up to any disaster.  However, some scenarios are so difficult to process mentally that as humans, we simply need help. Help not only in the form of physical help but also in the form of kindness and compassion. If you or your family need biohazard and trauma clean up, the grief can be overwhelming. You need fast, compassionate and experienced care. 






ServiceMaster Quality Services provides trauma cleanup for:


Unattended Deaths



Care for Others While We Care for YouDuring high trauma experiences, you need to deal with complex situations and emotions. Adding to that, you may need to make arrangements, call people and console, and deal with paperwork, insurance, all in the face of overwhelming grief. Let us deal with the cleanup so you can attend to the things that matter.

Biohazardous Cleanup is Best Left to the Experienced. Our trained and experienced technicians will be able to assess the best practices for removal, clean up and restoration. They have the appropriate gear and knowledge and are trained and certified to clean, disinfect and deodorize in accordance to standards set by OSHA and the EPA the agencies that govern the safe handling of biohazards. When blood, saliva, and bodily fluids are involved, there is dangerous pathogens and bacteria’s present that can potentially be very dangerous to the untrained cleanup crew. 

ServiceMaster Quality Services provides professional trauma restoration services to Houma, LA, and the surrounding Parishes. If you need help, contact us.


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