Busting Myths: Bleach Doesn’t Kill Mold

April 13, 2016

It can be a frightening experience discovering mold in and around your home. Mold has been shown to causeMold_SMQS_dep_photo-1.jpg health concerns – some of which are serious in those with allergies, for the elderly, and for young children. Remediating mold is a necessary step to ensure the home has been cleaned properly and mold will not return. Unfortunately, many homeowners make the mistake of scrubbing walls and baseboards with bleach cleaners only to find their mold problems become worse.

While Home Remedies Won’t Work

Whenever you touch the moldy surface in any capacity, the mold reacts as if it is being attacked. This results in the mold launching spores which travel in the air in search of somewhere new to grow. Even a swipe of your finger can cause this reaction. While bleach may tackle a lot of stubborn stains and messes, it is essentially ineffective on mold problems.

To the naked eye, it may seem mold has been removed from the walls or floors of your home after a good cleaning but the reality is the mold is still present with deep roots growing into the wall. You will not see the spreading mold until a later time when the mold becomes visible in other areas of your home.

Additionally, cleaning mold with harsh chemicals like bleach can cause the structure of your home to be damaged. Sheetrock or wood cleaned with strong chemicals can be harmed while mold roots continue to live on.

Professional Services Eradicate Mold Problems for Good

Home remedies will make mold situations worse so it is advisable to contact professional mold remediation specialists as soon as mold is discovered. ServiceMaster Quality Services has been working with home and business owners to effectively remove mold using methods recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency to protect your home and family.

Our certified staff will evaluate the mold problems in your home and conduct further investigations to ensure mold has not spread in other areas of your home. We have the proper equipment to get the job done correctly the first time so you can return to normal living.

Prevention is Key

As mold needs moisture to live, many residential and commercial buildings in and around Houma have mold issues to deal with. In addition to professionally remediating mold problems, property owners should also pay attention to the indoor humidity levels. A dehumidifier may be necessary to reduce the excess moisture in different areas of your home and business, especially the bathroom and kitchen areas.

If your home has leaks in the roof, in the pipes, or if water seeps through your foundation, repairs need to be made as soon as possible to prevent mold from growing. It only takes 48 hours for mold to start growing out of control. Additionally, if mold is growing on the walls where it is visible, it is very possible additional mold will be found behind the walls or under the carpeting on your floors.

Don’t delay in getting our expert mold removal advice. ServiceMaster Quality Services is ready to help you get rid of mold issues for good. Our professionally trained technicians are experts in mold remediation to ensure your family home or commercial building is safe and well protected. Call us today at 985-872-1029 to schedule your mold evaluation.


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