Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Now that the Kids are Back in School

September 22, 2015


Summer is over, much to the dismay of children everywhere. No more staying up late, watching movies, hanging out with friends, and enjoying a flexible schedule with few responsibilities. Parents, on the other hand, may think differently. Finally, kids are back on a consistent schedule, and it may be the perfect time to schedule carpet and upholstery cleaning.

In many households, summer is a time to let loose a little bit, and by the time school starts again, the house is starting to show that relaxed atmosphere. Late night popcorn and ice cream sundaes get spilled on the floor and you see the ramifications the next morning. A soda gets knocked over on the couch and doesn’t get cleaned up adequately. While all this is just part of summer fun for the kids, parents eventually need to deal with getting the house back in order and the fall season is the perfect opportunity.

Professional upholstery and carpet cleaning will make a big dent in returning your home to its normal state. ServiceMaster Quality Services can come in with professional equipment and Technicians that will get the job done. From pre-treating spots to hot water extraction, we will make your carpets look and feel fresh again. We also take the time to assess your furniture and determine the best method to clean it so that your couches and chairs will be restored to how they looked before all that summer fun, with no need to worry about damage.

Kids are back in school and life is getting into a more predictable routine. For many families, that means more studying and scheduled extra-curricular activities, as well as less spontaneous get-togethers which often result in wear and tear on the family carpet and furniture. If you’d like to find out more information about how a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning can help you get your home back in order, contact us.



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