Carpet Cleaning for Heavily Soiled Flooring

June 9, 2017


Finding carpet cleaning services that understand that there are more than a few techniques for carpet or rug cleaning than vacuums is critical when you have heavily soiled flooring.  This is especially true if you have expensive or antique carpets and rugs.  Instead of expecting the usual one-size-fits-all approach to your carpet cleaning, consider employing a full-service team that can respond to your specific carpet.  They will arrive with a super truck that has all the juice needed to fully clean your carpets.

More than vacuums and shampooing

Housekeeping services diligently clean the entire flooring area efficiently with a vacuum, but this is a carpet maintenance service.  As for shampooing carpets, the drawback is often having residue that dries on top of the rugs.  Worse, you cannot seem to get DIY shampooed carpets to stop smelling bad or completely dry.  Alternatively, professional carpet cleaner services often use hot water extraction equipment that has more horsepower, and the water is much hotter than the type produced by DIY machines.  

Why DIY shampooing creates a smell

Especially when you have utility carpeting in an office building, DIY carpet shampooing with a rented unit seems like a quick and easy solution.  Nevertheless, many property owners will call pros after their DIY carpet cleaning because expert knowledge and the right tools get carpet steam-cleaned to perfection.  One of the advantages of using truck-mounted hot water extraction equipment for heavy-duty carpet cleaning is not only thoroughly cleaning the carpets, but also getting out all of the dirty water.  This means your carpets will be dry quicker and will not have a musty after-odor that happens when you DIY the carpets but do not thoroughly removed all the dirty water from the bottom of the carpet.

When you need carpet cleaning services for health reasons

Has your doctor traced your health problems to issues such as black mold, and you feel that the carpet might be a source?  After a thorough inspection, if mold is determined to be inhabiting the carpet, cleaning them thoroughly with health in mind is a priority.  In addition to removing mold buildup, pro carpet services from ServiceMaster Quality Services can work to ensure the problem does not return in full force.




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