Cleaning Companies: The ServiceMaster Difference

September 22, 2016

ServiceMaster: Founder


Marion E. Wade was born in Pocahontas, Arkansas in 1898.  While in the 8th grade, Wade dropped out of school and got a job as an office boy to help support his family. Skilled at playing baseball, Marion joined the Chicago Braves in 1915 as a catcher. His brother died in combat during the First World War which led Wade to enlist in the Marines in 1918. In 1920, Marion left baseball and the Marines to sell cookware door to door. 

In 1929, in the midst of the Great Depression, Wade started a new home and office moth-proofing company which is the earliest beginnings of ServiceMaster. Eight years later, in 1937, the company integrated carpet and rug cleaning into their business model. In 1942, he established America’s first franchise opportunity.

How ServiceMaster Got its Name

One reason ServiceMaster is unlike other cleaning companies around the world is the unique way of how it came by its name. 1944 was a turning point in Marion Wade’s personal and professional life when he was badly burned in an explosion of cleaning chemicals. He nearly lost his sight. During recovery, Wade experienced a religious conversion. He discussed his life and faith in an autobiography called The Lord is My Counsel. Since he believed that man was created in the image of God and deserved respect and dignity as such, he prayed that the Lord would send him men who would be of the same heart and mind. He managed to recruit two men from Wheaton College, a Bible college near Chicago. The company incorporated in 1947. In 1958, the trio changed the name of their carpet and rug cleaning business to ServiceMaster. In his autobiography, Wade said, “the name struck us as perfect in every area. Masters of service, serving the Master.”

ServiceMaster Today

Today, ServiceMaster has more than 7,000 company-owned and franchise locations around the world with 13,000 corporate employees and a franchise network that independently employs over 33,000 additional people.

ServiceMaster proudly cleans 75,000 homes daily and over 10 million annually. With such leading brands, including termite and pest control, residential and commercial cleaning, furniture repair, home inspections, and disaster restoration, ServiceMaster substantiates the stability, strength, and permanence of a company consumers unequivocally trust.

ServiceMaster Quality Services, located in Houma, Louisiana, is a ServiceMaster franchisee and is here 365 days year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, for all of your commercial or residential professional cleaning needs. We also provide disaster restoration that includes damage caused by flood, fire, smoke or mold. To learn more about the ServiceMaster Quality Services opportunity, call 985-872-1029 or contact us at this convenient link and set up a no obligation, free inspection and quote for either regular or emergency service. We are waiting for your call! 



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