Cleaning Floors by a Professional Cleaning Company Will Help Your Bottom Line

May 23, 2016

Now is the time to consider deep cleaning by a highly esteemed professional cleaning service. A broom and mop may provide a superficial level of cleanliness but over time, a definite amount of dirt and stains still manage to appear. It’s embarrassing and is liable to give the wrong impression of your business. We would like to point out several advantages that cleaning floors by a professional cleaning service will do for your business and ultimately your bottom line. 


Safety  Accidents don’t always happen; they are often caused by neglect. A loose tile, worn spot, or a nail that has lost its hold on a wooden floor could contribute to an avoidable mishap. Perhaps you’re a dance floor where dancers slip doing a merengue or fall attempting to tango.  Or you’re a gym floor where basketball players just can’t get their shoes to grip and as a consequence travelling violations are whistled every other play. An unfortunate safety related accident can certainly diminish with the service of a professional cleaning service.

Health  Due to dust and other allergens that accumulate, many of your co-workers, customers, and prospects begin sneezing almost immediately upon entering your establishment. Sounds of sniffles and waste baskets full of Kleenex are another precautionary signal that now is the time for your floors to undergo a deep cleaning. Ease uncomfortable, annoying allergies and other possible health hazards by enlisting the service of a professional floor cleaning service.

Saves Money  A constant flow of foot traffic is bound to exhibit wear and tear through the course of time. Extend the life of your floor by removing the built up grit, grime, dirt, and sand that can lead to a dilapidated, shabby, threadbare appearance. Which lead to costly repairs. 

Aesthetics  A professionally cleaned floor will present your firm in a positive manner, save money in repairs and replacement, and increase the life expectancy of any floor.

Sometimes a first impression is all you’ve got. If you demonstrate that you are diligent in such a simple task as ensuring sanitation and cleanliness, you just might be the type of firm customers trust to do business with. ServiceMaster Quality Services has the highest standard of excellence and we are experts in floor care. Don’t delay; for a free quote, and “peace of mind,” contact us today.



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