Cleaning smoke from walls

August 14, 2015


When it comes to wall cleaning, smoke is incredibly hard to remove and extremely ugly. Whether you need to clean up an environment that has cigarette smoke stains, such as an old restaurant or bar, or need to clean up after a fire, these tips will help you get the walls thoroughly clean again. 

How to clean smoke from walls 

To clean smoke from the walls, you will need a chemical dry cleaning product to remove the soot stains, and either rubbing alcohol or paint thinner to get stubborn residue off walls. 

After you have cleaned off the smoke damage, you’ll need to clean again to remove smoky odor. Use a gentle cleaning detergent and sponge to remove built-up odor from the walls and restore the air quality. 

Protect your health and safety by wearing cleaning gloves and a ventilator while you are cleaning the smoke damage. Use a ladder to reach high areas of the wall. 


If you had a fire or other disaster and want to make an insurance claim, it’s important to start this process before you clean the smoke. Otherwise, you will clean up all traces of the smoke damage. 

To get your home or commercial building as clean as possible, clean the walls as soon as you can. The longer smoke remains on the walls, the more time and effort you will have to spend scrubbing and the more likely it will be to not remove everything. . 

ServiceMaster Quality Services is an expert in cleaning homes and businesses and that includes removing smoke, whether it is from a fire or normal cigarette usage. For more residential and commercial cleaning tips, please contact us.




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