Cleaning Stains From Carpeting

November 3, 2016



When you want your whole carpet clean and fresh you need to know what the various types of stains are so you can remove them properly. Carpet cleaning isn’t as easy as cleaning hardwood and tile floors, but when you know how to do it properly, it doesn’t have to be really difficult.

Water Soluble Stains

These include things like mud, drinks, fruits, and vegetables. They are relatively easy to remove with a mixture of water and detergent (not enough to make suds, though). If they’re particularly stubborn , use vinegar and water after using the detergent and water mixture.


Non-water Soluble Stains

 Materials that don’t dissolve with water (e.g. oil, grease, tar) cause these types of stains. You’ll need rubbing alcohol soaked into a rag to dissolve these stains by dabbing at them. After it starts dissolving, you can use a detergent solution to remove the alcohol from your carpet.


Chemical Soluble Stains

 The most difficult stains to remove, thus requiring more care and attention, chemical soluble stains include urine, vomit, and bleach. For these stains you should use:

  • Sodium Triphosphate or hydrogen peroxide to neutralize bleach stains

  • An enzyme based cleaner for urine

  • Dry cleaning for vomit


Non-soluble Stains

 These stains include things like wax, crayons, gum and dried glue, which you can’t use chemicals to dissolve since the chemicals are too strong and they’ll damage your carpet. Removing these stains requires special care:

  • Freeze gum or glue first.

  • Place a rag over top of wax and heat with a warm iron.


Whether you need these types of stains removed from your carpet or you simply need your carpet cleaned, contact us. We’re ServiceMaster Quality Services in Houma, La. and would be happy to help you make your carpet look like new again. Go ahead “Try Us, Love Us, Stay with Us”. 




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