Commercial Move in and Move out Office Cleaning

October 21, 2016


Is your business moving soon? It’s a big job, with lots of details to take care of before the big day arrives. Near the top of your list is a thorough cleaning of your current space, and maybe the new location also. Moving is a high stress time; take advantage of a commercial cleaning service so you have one less project to worry about.

Move out Cleaning Service

Leaving your building or offices clean when you move is important to your company’s reputation in the community, a condition of most leases, and essential to getting that security deposit back. A commercial office cleaning company will do a more thorough job, in a shorter time, than using your employees or doing the job yourself. Commercial cleaners are equipped to complete jobs like removing leftover trash and debris, or safely cleaning ceilings and light fixtures.

Get Your New Offices Ready for Move In

Moving to a new location can be exciting, despite all of the hassles. Make sure your new space has received a detailed scrubbing before you move in; this is easier without furniture and boxes in the way, or pictures hanging on the walls.

Your movers should take some basic steps to protect your properties, such as:

  • Laying down floor runners, like sheets of Masonite for instance, to protect your carpet or other flooring.
  • Using corner protectors to safeguard wall and stair edges from gouging.
  • Using only soft-wheeled dollies.

If you have any questions about commercial move in and move out cleaning, please contact us, we are ServiceMaster Quality Services in Houma, La. and always happy to help.



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