COVID-19 Pandemic Solutions

April 2, 2020

We at ServiceMaster Quality Services are taking these unprecedented times very seriously. We have invested heavily in the latest disinfecting technology. From state of the art electrostatic disinfectant sprayers to the shortest dwell time disinfectant listed on the CDC website. The dwell time (the time a surface must remain wet after applying the disinfectant) on our product is one minute. The dwell time on most products currently on the market is five to ten minutes.

Using the electrostatic sprayer, the coverage is greatly improved over the spray bottle and towel wipe down method. We feel that the greater coverage combined with the short dwell time will do a much more thorough job of sanitizing your building, school bus, crew boat, shopping cart or whatever else you would like us to sanitize.

Find out more on our EMist page.

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