Do Not Let Water Damage Destroy Your Biggest Investment

February 4, 2016


Whether you are experiencing water damage at your home, which is undoubtedly your largest investment, or at your business, it takes more than a bucket and mop to handle the cleanup. In fact, failure to call in the emergency services professionals right away can open the door to potentially dangerous consequences.

  • Wood rot. Drying out the area is a necessity. Doing it quickly is essential. Delays easily contribute to your seeing exposed wood rot. Other materials deteriorate as well. Laminates separate from their surfaces, which brings with it expensive replacement costs. One of the first steps to take is the removal of the water that is still present.
  • Mold growth. Proper air movement and the monitored dehumidifying of the affected area succeed at limiting mold growth. Yet to eradicate any chance of seeing growth at a later point, applying anti-microbial agents is fundamental. It takes an expert to gauge the areas most likely to be susceptible to the dangerous spores.
  • Health problems. The problems associated with exposure to mold are well documented. Yet consider the health issues that you may be facing because of the type of water that damaged your space. Although fresh water does plenty of damage by itself, the presence of gray or black water introduces bacteria, fungi and similar microorganisms that can cause disease.

Whether at home or at your office, water damage quickly becomes an expensive setback. Prevent the creation of secondary problems by calling the right emergency cleaning experts, at ServiceMaster Quality Services, quickly. Contact us today to learn more about our water damage restoration steps for home and business owners.



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