Do You Champion Workplace Health Programs? Read About Wall Cleaning!

April 7, 2016


More companies are now supporting or even spearheading programs that support workplace health. Implementing comprehensive changes and policies designed to assist employees become or stay fit helps counteract absenteeism. Adding a janitorial services approach that includes wall cleaning may be an instrumental step to succeeding.

What Grows on Your Walls?

Although you do not think of it on a daily basis, bacteria cover the walls of your office. The Associated Press reported on the findings of a New York University team of scientists that likened walls to “traps,” which held on to bacteria shed by people living, working or visiting there. The experts surmise that this is due to the lack of airflow. If you operate a typical office setting, your windows are probably sealed and your air comes through the duct system. It makes sense that your walls may house bacteria that contribute to sickness among your workers.

Wall Cleaning Empties the “Traps”

Working with a janitorial services provider that offers cleaning of your walls as part of the service, or as an add-on, is an excellent way of removing some of the harmful bacteria around the office.

  • Remove allergens. Dust, dust mites, pollen and similar particles contribute to allergy attacks in workers, which can result in absenteeism. Regularly scheduled cleaning regimens remove the allergens.
  • Changing offices. When you move employees into new offices, cubicles or other work areas surrounded by walls, remove the bacteria left behind by others.
  • Recovering from illness. Has a large portion of your workforce recently suffered from an upper respiratory infection, the flu or another potentially contagious illness? Break the cycle by preventing re-infection with a thorough office cleaning that includes the walls. Contact us today to learn more about the cleaning regimens we offer.



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