Do You Understand the Real Purpose of Doormats for Office Health?

May 18, 2016


Running a business establishment involves paying attention to a lot of details. Not only do you need to contend with the business at hand each day, you also need to make sure the office environment is healthy and clean. Cleanliness protects not only the workers’ safety it also protects your reputation as a reputable business. 

There are also liability issues to consider.

When it rains, foot traffic brings in the water and your floors can become slippery and possibly dangerous. This is usually why many businesses employ the use of heavy duty utility mats. These mats are placed at each entryway to catch water and dirt. Over time these mats become soiled, stained, and filled with germs. The little details of cleaning these mats is important. In order for them to keep working as they should, they need to be regularly cleaned. A professional cleaning will help remove the buildup of dirt and contaminants.Doormats_for_better_office_health.jpg

What’s Really Going on with Your Doormats

Consider just for a moment all of the possible things people bring in to your workplace on the bottom of their shoes. Most people are considerate enough to wipe their shoes on these mats when entering a building especially when it’s rainy. However, this is not always the case. For this reason, professional cleaning of your workplace floors regularly is also recommended to remove the dirt coming in from the street.

Slip and fall hazards are also something to consider. Without heavy-duty mats, visitors to your business are at risk of slipping on wet or dirty floors. With the mats, they can wipe their shoes off to help prevent such accidents. Clean mats will absorb water much more reliably than dirty ones. Keeping a mat at every entryway can help minimize the risk of slips and falls.

Doormats also work to protect your flooring. Busy offices with a lot of foot traffic can see extra amounts of wear and tear on floors when mats are not present. High heels and heavy walkers can cause scuff marks and other damage to the floors. A few mats can help protect your investment by capturing dirt which can also cause damage to flooring, especially wooden floors.

Utilizing Doormats Effectively

Doormats don’t always have to be utilitarian. There are a number of ways to incorporate quality door mats into your office décor. Buy heavy-duty mats in colors to brighten up your work space or to compliment your existing décor. Doormats can also be imprinted with the logo of your company for a more professional look.

While the choice of doormats is a personal one, it is very important to have the mats and floors of your office area cleaned and disinfected regularly. Professional cleaning will ensure mats are protected during the cleaning process. They will be thoroughly dried to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Our professional cleaning practices at ServiceMaster Quality Services will ensure tough stains are removed and floors are cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals.

Contact ServiceMaster Quality Services today for a cleaning estimate for your commercial workspace. We promise high-quality work and results which will impress you and your staff. Let our professional cleaning services assist your Terrebonne or Lafourche Parish area business.


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