Don’t Flush Good Business Down the Toilet with Bad Restrooms

May 4, 2016

Imagine visiting your favorite restaurant or retail store. Suddenly nature calls and you need to use the public restroom they make available to customers. You walk in and immediately want to walk back out. The bathroom is so disgusting, you’d rather hold it in than stay a moment longer. In fact, you may even reconsider shopping or eating in an establishment where the bathroom violates too many health codes.


As a business owner, you should now realize how big of an impression your public restroom can make on your customers or clients. Cleaning the bathroom may not be a top priority on your to-do list and likely your employees may feel resentful if they are commissioned to do the cleaning. A perfect solution for your company is to employ professional janitorial services to ensure your entire business location is always kept in tip-top shape, especially the restrooms and employee break areas.

Keep Your Reputation Clean as a Whistle

If you offer a public restroom in your business, it can only take a few visitors to make a mess of things. Keeping tabs on the condition of your restroom does matter every day because you never know who might be stopping in. A loyal customer can easily be turned off by a dirty bathroom, never to return. Worse yet, a bad-looking bathroom may start a whirlwind of bad word-of-mouth advertising. It may sound a bit dramatic but if you once again consider how you feel entering a disgusting restroom environment, you’ll quickly realize just how important a clean public bathroom is to the reputation of your business.

The public often relates the condition of the bathroom to the condition of the business as a whole. This is especially true in restaurants. If the bathroom is such a mess, what must the kitchen look like? Attending to the bathroom daily, even hourly is a lot of work. Luckily, professional janitorial services from ServiceMaster Quality services can help prevent a bad reputation.

Signs Your Bathroom Needs Professional Help

Keeping your restroom in good order involves more than emptying the trash. Symptoms of a dirty restroom include:

  • Broken sinks, toilets, and doors
  • Empty soap dispensers
  • Poor lighting
  • Leaking water/standing water on floors
  • Unflushed/clogged toilets
  • Bad odors
  • Dirty floors, mirrors, walls, counters, and toilets
  • Graffiti on stalls and walls
  • Gum and other debris littering floors and counters
  • Lack of toilet paper

Employees Matter Too

Even if your restrooms aren’t open to the public, your employees count too. They work at the office for half of their day and deserve clean restrooms for break times. Unfortunately, not all employees are respectful or gracious when it comes to their personal business and even small offices can suffer the consequences of a few messy people. With our professional cleaning services, you can make sure all areas of the workplace, including the restrooms, are always in great shape.

Contact the professional team at ServiceMaster Quality Services today for an estimate on our janitorial services. We can offer daily, weekly, or monthly care at your business to ensure everything is clean and presentable to the public and your employees alike.  Contact us today online or at 985-872-1029. Give our services a try and see how much easier your work life can be with help from our professionals!


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