Don’t Let Safety Slip: Slip resistant floors are a must

July 18, 2017

Children think it’s all fun and games to take a run and slide across a newly cleaned floor, but this is a dangerous game for the unsuspecting guest, elderly, or workers in a commercial setting.


According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slip and falls account for nearly a million hospital emergency room visits and OSHA says that slips and falls constitute 15% of all accidental deaths, second only to automobile accidents.

Besides the discomfort of injury—yours or somebody else’s—slips and falls are a costly venture. Insurance companies and personal injury lawyers will want to collect from negligent parties to pay medical costs and disability. Human life is priceless. And in the workplace, expenses mount because of the cost of lawsuits, lost wages, reduced productivity, and the training and hiring processes to replace somebody who is out either temporarily or permanently.

Staying upright on a newly cleaned, hard floor can be a challenge even for the leisurely stroller; you sure don’t want your clean floors to surprise somebody whose arms are full or who is busy.

If your professional cleaning service doesn’t offer services to help reduce slip risks or if you don’t have a professional service, check out these important tips to keep your home or business safe and productive.

  • Install appropriate handrails around steps and on decks, lofts, or other elevated areas.
  • Make uneven walking surfaces evident with caution paint or signs.
  • Treat slippery floors with appropriate anti-slip solutions.
  • Help rugs stay in place. Put mats underneath to increase friction.

Skating is fun at the rink or in the skate park, but not on your floors. Contact us at ServiceMaster Quality Services today to see what we can do to help you keep your property safe and clean.


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