Even a Small House Fire Needs Big Cleaning Help

July 29, 2016

Fire is a big fear of homeowners. Its destructive capability is frightening and for good reason. But even small fires in the home can cause big problems and result in the need of professional cleaning services. Many home fires do not destroy the entire property but can severely impact the health and safety of the living space. Luckily, our professional cleaning team at ServiceMaster Quality Services in Houma LAcan help get your place back into good condition. Cleaning_After_a_House_Fire.jpg

There are a number of situations where small-scale fires can break out around the home such as while cooking, due to unsafe electrical connections, overloaded circuits, or due to accidents. Small fires are common in the kitchen but can break out anywhere. Having a preparedness plan for your family is key to keeping everyone safe. Report all signs of smoke or fire immediately to the proper authorities. Once the fire professionals have cleared the scene, contact our professional cleaning team for help.

Cleaning Up After a Fire

Besides damage from smoke and water, small fires can result in the need to clean up soot, which has collected on a variety of surfaces including:

  • Walls
  • Upholstery
  • Carpeting
  • Fabrics
  • Tile
  • Porcelain
  • Marble

The safe and proper removal of soot is necessary to keep your belongings and your property safe from additional damage it can cause. Soot can cause permanent damage to a number of common household items so it must be removed as soon as possible, using the right cleaning methods.

Our Houma cleaning professionals can also provide cleaning services to salvage personal items items involved in the fire so you won’t have to replace as much. Furniture, carpeting, and even the walls and ceilings may be saved using proper cleaning techniques to remove the residue left behind after a fire. Our deep cleaning processes can also help remove the strong odors remaining after a fire caused by the smoke and by the water or chemicals used to douse the flames.

We employ the latest equipment and cleaning solutions to restore your home after a fire. Our team members can help reduce the worry and stress common in after-fire situations using our effective cleaning methods so you can return home sooner.

If you are working to recover after a house fire, contact ServiceMaster Quality Services today to discuss your specific needs. We are also available for emergencies too! Our cleaning professionals have been working with homeowners on residential disaster cleanups for years and your satisfaction is our top priority. Let us know how we can help by calling 985-872-1029.

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