Fire Control Procedures

December 28, 2010

Fighting fires often requires substantial quantities of water, in many cases spreading to parts of the structure not affected directly by the fire. The problem is often compounded when the fire (and water) damaged home is boarded up and left unattended while adjusters and contractors prepare estimates. Any delay in initiating proper drying procedures leads to a substantial increase in the amount of damage. As with all water damage, emergency procedures should be initiated as soon as possible to reduce primary and secondary damage.

High Ambient Humidity

Even high humidity conditions can cause moisture damage. Many materials are hygroscopic; that is, they seek a moisture equilibrium with the environment. They absorb water vapor from the air. Such hygroscopic materials may be damaged or mildewed when in an environment above 60% Relative Humidity for extended periods. As a water damage professional, we can treat and dry materials that were damaged by the effects of high humidity. Obviously, we have not discussed every cause of water damage. There are virtually hundreds of situations causing it. Combine all the causes of primary water damage with those more related to secondary humidity damage, and opportunities for restoration are almost endless. Simple accidents in the home can cause extensive damage.

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