Fire Damage Can Continue After the Fire is Out

May 25, 2017


Many Americans cite a home fire as one of their biggest fears, and with good reason. Our homes are a place where all the things we hold dear are kept; our family, our security, our peace of mind. When our homes are threatened by a house fire, it’s an incredibly helpless feeling. In the face of a very vulnerable time, making decisions about how to handle the fire damage that has happened can seem like an overwhelming task. At ServiceMaster Quality Services, we have been helping Terrebonne Parish, Lafourche Parish, and all surrounding Parishes recover their homes from fire damage since 1990. When it comes to restoring your home from fire damage, time really is of the essence. While you still may be reeling with insurance and informing friends and family of your whereabouts, smoke, soot, and ash may be causing further damage to your home.Not to mention the water left in your home from the fire department having to put out the fire. Because of the complex chemical compounds found in your home after the fire, it’s important that you have trained, professional, technicians on site quickly to help. Because we know that tragedy doesn’t ever come at a convenient time, we are available to help with fire damage restoration 24/7/365.

The three main forms of soot that are concerning and need professional fire damage remediation are:

Dry Soot

Characterized by its dry and powdery feel, this soot is a result of a fire that has burned very quickly with especially high heat. While easiest to remove, it is so fine and powdery that it moves quickly through the air and is difficult to contain. These microscopic particles can cause serious respiratory distress if not remediated correctly.

Wet Soot

Fires that burn low and slow leave a very wet soot behind. Because these fires tend to smolder for hours before fully igniting, the fire releases both organic and inorganic compounds which mean very strong, difficult to remove odors. 

Oily Soot

The main culprit for this soot is a kitchen fire started with protein based oils, but it can also be caused by burning plastic in a home.This is by far the most caustic kind of soot and is very difficult to remove. If your home has suffered from fire damage, contact us today. We are the premier fire damage restoration service in our area. With compassionate service and the ServiceMaster name, you can feel assured that you are in good hands.  







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