Fire Damage Restoration Company Urges the Use of Caution When Cooking

November 19, 2015

Fire handled by ServiceMaster

According to the US Fire Administration, almost half of all residential fires are the result of cooking mishaps. With the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we know many kitchens in the area will be busier than ever getting ready for the big meal, and we encourage everyone to use these steps to avoid the most common, and preventable cause of home fires. While accidents do happen, fire damage restoration services encourage you to review these safety precautions in the kitchen.

  1. Install a smoke detector near the kitchen. Place it a little outside the kitchen so it won’t go off every time there’s a little smoke or steam that occurs from typical cooking habits.
  2. Keep your stove and oven clean. Spills from past meals can build-up and catch fire the next time you use the appliance.
  3. Empty crumbs from the toaster regularly. Again, these can accumulate and eventually catch on fire.
  4. Unplug small appliances when not in use. Items like coffee makers, mixers, and toaster ovens draw a small amount of electricity even when not in use, which could over-burden older wiring.
  5. Use extreme caution when cooking with oil. Don’t overfill pans, and watch it very carefully.
  6. Keep oven mitts, towels, and other combustible items away from the stove.
  7. Always set a timer to remind you there is something in the oven. Don’t depend on your memory because most fires occur when somebody gets distracted.
  8. Never leave the stove or oven unattended. If you’re cooking something and need to step out, even for a minute, turn the stove off.

A kitchen fire can be catastrophic, so follow these steps to avoid the most common cause of house fires. Also, keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen that is suitable for putting out grease fires, and make sure all family members know its location and how to use it.

We hope your family never has to deal with the aftermath of a house fire, but if it does happen to you, we can help with restoration services. For more information, contact us.


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