Five Valuable Tips for Excellent Hardwood Floor Maintenance

March 24, 2016


Hardwood floors are an elegantly delightful way to add sparkle and shine to your home. They offer numerous advantages over carpets because of their ability to repel dust and allergens, while also holding on to their beauty for a longer period of time among other things. There are, however, some basic acts of routine floor maintenance that must be done to keep them looking great. The following are five valuable tips that anyone can use to perform excellent hardwood floor maintenance.

  1. No Watering Necessary – Water your plants, but not your hardwood floors. In general, water is pretty bad for them. It can ruin the finish, penetrate deep into the floor to form permanent stains, and even cause mold growth, which nobody wants. Avoid mopping with a steam mop, close windows when it is raining, and wipe up any spills immediately to prevent any water damage from taking hold.
  2. VacuumBut I thought we took out the carpets so we didn’t have to vacuum? The problem is that dirt, dust, and a whole host of other undesirables can lay atop of your floors surface that is so fine and minuscule you may not even notice it. By periodically running a vacuum over your hardwood floor, you will remove this layer of grit and fully protect the floors finish. It is recommended to do this once per week for best results.
  3. No Wax Allowed – Use floor cleaner that contains no wax. Keep a spray bottle of it handy so that after you remove any spill or mess, you can use your no wax cleaner to maintain the purity of your hardwood floor with no ill effects of potentially damaging wax.
  4. Use Area Rugs – Hardwood floors are great, but area rugs can break up the monotony of endlessly running floors throughout the home. By using these decorative little accents smartly, you can also reduce the damage of your floor in high traffic areas. 
  5. Use Doormats too – Especially if you live in an area where winter reigns supreme, it is a good idea to use doormats inside and out so that people will brush the dirt, ice, mud, and grime that collects on the bottom of their shoescompletely off before stepping onto your floors.

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