Get Mom and Dad Help With A House Cleaning Service

December 7, 2016


Do you have a stubborn elderly relative that insists on not accepting any outside help with their home?  One of the most interesting patterns we see for our free estimate on house cleaning services is helping younger family members convince older relatives that they actually need extra help cleaning their homes.  Around the holidays, you might notice that your mother, father, or older relatives are not able to clean the house as easily as they used to.  


Instead of focusing on convincing them to sign up for a service, having pros visit their home one time for a free estimate is usually all it takes to get them to accept a younger relative’s offer to get them some assistance with cleaning on a regular basis.  Plus, it does not hurt that an outside observer is regularly visiting their home to help you keep a non-prying eye on your beloved relative while you are far away in another state.


Why do you need a free estimate for a cleaning service?

 Free estimates for cleanings are a good way to get an idea of our pricing, but they are also an excellent way to see us in action.  While some homeowners will ask for deep cleaning, there are also maintenance cleanings that take considerably less time.  Depending on the condition of the home, we offer the free cleaning estimate for general services, but will reserve time-consuming jobs such as floor polishing for separate estimate appointments, which are still free by the way.  


No matter which jobs you may still need after you see our basic services, we will give you an estimate for more intensive services as well as an idea of our upcoming schedule openings.  If this service is a gift, we will make contact with both parties about the price estimate of our services and details about which tasks will be covered.


We are also evaluating you


While you are observing how we work hard to make your home gleam, we are also keeping detailed notes.  After each estimate, these notes are turned into professional documents that each of our pros will use when they clean your home.  After all, every home is unique and each family has their own specific requirements.  


For example, some homes will not be able to be cleaned with certain types of cleaners due to some residents suffering from respiratory illnesses.  Each home also has special tastes, requirements, or values that could be based on personal, religious, or cultural preferences.


A free cleaning estimate helps you understand our process


Although the first time we work with you and your family we will be doing more talking than usual, at the end of our initial free estimate session, you will have an idea of how long each task takes.  Along with the observation of labor involved, you will also have details about how much these services cost.  In the future, you can expect that the same tasks will be done, tailored to your specifications, but the overall job will be focused on task completion and will involve considerably less conversation.


Let us make your home sparkle!


At ServiceMaster Quality Services, we are dedicated to helping you keep your home in the manner you prefer.  Whether you are searching for luxury cleaning services for your own home or a residence of a cherished older relative, we know how to keep the marble shining and the travertine floors from harsh chemical burns.  


In addition, you can have the reassurance that someone is checking in with your relative at least once a week, and we are happy to have our staff call you when they visit to clean.  Naturally, if you have any questions or special requests, we are more than happy to help.  Once you meet us for our free cleaning service estimate, you will see that we have the professional touch you have been looking for.  To get started, call us today, and thank you in advance for choosing us.


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