House Cleaning – How to Maximize Results Naturally

May 23, 2017


Everyone wants to walk in that front door and feel a clean, welcoming home waiting for them. Coming home to dirt, mildew and bacteria is not okay. With so many cleaning options out there it is tough to tell what is safe for pets or small children and what isn’t. What good is cleaning your house if you are hurting the ones you love? Here are five natural cleaners and what they can do for you:

  • White Vinegar: You may think that this is only for cooking and dying Easter eggs. Wrong! White vinegar has many uses. White vinegar kills bacteria so feel free to use it in your fridge, in your bathroom, on your counter-tops, etc. Most people mix it in a 1:1 ratio with hot water and watch the results.
  • Lemons: These are not just for lemonade. Lemons also are anti-bacterial and are used to clean cutting boards, microwaves, copper pots and the garbage disposal.
  • Natural Salt: Since medieval times salt has been a household cleaner. Salt can clean your glass coffee pot, attack wine spills, clean rust and brighten colored clothing in your washing machine. 
  • Baking Soda: This wonderful cleaner can take odors out of your carpet, take the poo smell out of your litter box,clean scuff marks and grease spills on your floor, and works apart burnt on food on pans.

While all of these natural cleaning agents have amazing cleaning characteristics on their own many people prefer to combine them for a multi-purpose super cleaning solution. Even better, most of these are already in our cupboard. Contact us at ServiceMaster Quality Services to help with any of your cleaning needs.


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