How Can Cleaning Your Rug Make You Happy?

July 1, 2016


Can rug cleaning make you happy? We don’t see why not! Allow me to count the ways! In fact, here are five ways it can up your happiness quotient.

  •   Avoid so-called rug cleaning experts – An experienced oriental or area rug cleaner is a dying breed. Wall-to-wall carpet cleaning is not the same nor as crucial as the cleaning of your priceless oriental carpet. But how will you know if you have hired the right professional cleaning service to clean you rugs? Let’s move on and see if we can provide some helpful hints and tips on finding the right company.
  • Avoid uninsured cleaning companies – Many cleaning companies do not have any form of workmanship insurance that covers damage caused by service. Whose responsibility is it if the rug bleeds, unravels, warps, discolors, shrinks, or fades during the cleaning procedure? When a cleaning company representative is evaluating the type of rugs you want cleaned, be certain to request Proof of Coverage.

  • Avoid companies that base price on the appraised value of your priceless oriental rug – The price of service is based on a set square foot fee. However, some unethical firms will charge a fee based on a percentage of the value of your rug. Price based on size not value is the price you want to hear.

  • Avoid having your rug turn up missing – You may have a priceless heirloom laying under your dining room furniture and not know it. Be suspicious if a rug cleaner tells you your rug is not worth investing in cleaning and then offers to take it off your hands. Sometimes rugs worth thousands of dollars are purchased for a few hundred dollars. If you send your rug to be cleaned by what impressed you as a reputable rug cleaning company, take a picture of the rug. Ensure you get the same carpet back under your dining room furniture.

  • Avoid waiting too long before you clean your rug – Are you under the impression that you should wait until your rug appears dirty? Waiting too long guarantees the grinding of more and more dirt into your rug. Wait a few years to have your precious rugs cleaned only to have them returned with a severe worn area where foot traffic has been plodding, stomping, and tramping years of dirt, dust, and allergens. In order to preserve the pristine appearance of your oriental rugs, we recommend rug cleaning every 6-months to a year.

For an honest and free appraisal of your rug cleaning needs or for any other cleaning questions contact ServiceMaster Quality Services today. We sincerely look forward to hearing from you. 



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