How Fire Damage Cleanup Works and Why It Is So Problematic

September 23, 2016

Are you looking for one-stop service for cleaning up mold and other water damage after a fire?  We also help you find related services that you can use to help complete cleanup after a disaster that often involves mold.  For example, mold inspection and remediation is needed after fire damage.  

Fire_Damage_Cleanup.jpg Why fire damage cleanup is problematic


Unfortunately, when there is a fire, the fire department leaves behind water-soaked properties that get moldy and need several types of help from contractors to address.  The same can be true when a property has plumbing or sewer water damage. For this reason, we are involved in several types of projects that appear diverse at first, but, ultimately, we are the front line of defense when you need the best contractors to help you clean up your home or business after a disaster involving water.


How fire damage grows out of control after the fire is out


Fires are not always widespread, and a residential or commercial property can be saved after these accidents if the water damage is quickly removed. Sadly, the fire department is focused on putting out the fire and may not be attempting to limit water damage.  Even when no fire truck is present, a fire can create holes or interrupt cooling services that lead to water or mold damage in a building.


How fire damage cleanup works


We are experts in restoring homes and businesses after a fire because the first step in recovering from these incidents is removing the damaged building materials.  Once that phase of the cleanup has taken place, the next step is restoring the electricity with generators and patching holes that allow moisture to collect inside the structure. After the air is controlled inside the fire damaged building, the excess molds or toxins are removed and specialized equipment helps dry out waterlogged areas. Finally, after all traces of damage is removed, the next step is remodeling with a contractor you choose.


Give us a call to help you restore your home or business


Now that you have a better idea of how we can help you and your insurance company after a fire, the next step is to call us.  Unlike other companies, we are here to stay and we give you a guarantee on our work.  To get started, call us today and we will schedule an appointment to help you start restoring your property.  Thank you in advance for choosing ServiceMaster Quality Services.


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