How Often Do You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning?

January 20, 2017


How clean are your carpets, really? They look clean, of course. You most likely clean stains to the best of your ability as soon as you notice them, and vacuum once or twice per week. It may surprise you to learn that in addition to the upkeep you do on your own, regular professional carpet cleaning is strongly recommended for all types of carpets.

In general, it is recommended that carpets get professionally cleaned once per year. As you might expect, this recommendation varies depending on the lifestyle of the household.

Households with children and pets can expect to get their carpets cleaned more often; both because children and pets are generally messier than adults, and because they are often close to the carpet, making them likely to breathe in germs and allergens that collect on an unclean carpet.

There are other factors to consider when deciding how often to steam clean your carpets: Carpets in high-traffic areas will benefit from more frequent professional cleaning. Carpets in rooms where people regularly eat could be hiding crumbs and stains that only experts can extract!

Another reason to get your carpets regularly cleaned is your warranty. Many consumers are surprised to learn that most carpet makers require proof of periodic professional cleaning before they will accept a warranty claim.

The frequency of cleaning required to maintain a valid warranty varies by manufacturer, but generally they require that carpets are professionally cleaned every one to two years.

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