How Often Should Wall Cleaning be Performed?

August 1, 2014

By: Gene Rhodes

Probably haven’t thought very much about wall cleaning have you? Our walls needs tender loving care by being cleaned just like your carpet, ceramic floors, and windows (just to mention a few items). This blog give you some ideas on how to determine if your walls are needing to be cleaned. 

One of the most often neglected cleaning tasks is washing down walls. You may not think about it often or not think about it at all, but your walls can accumulate a great deal of dirt and grime just like your floors and ceilings can. So how often should your walls be washed? Here at ServiceMaster Quality Services, we are often asked this question, and provide these guidelines to our customers in determining whether or not wall cleaning is needed.

 You could need wall cleaning if:                                     Dirty_Wall 

  • You plan on painting or wallpapering. If you’re adding new wall coverings, you need to start with a clean surface, which means you should have us wash down your walls ahead of time
  • You smoke or have pets, in which case you should plan on having us clean your walls two or three times a year to remove pet dander and smoke residue
  • There are visible scuff marks, as these can really detract from your room’s appearance and make your home appear poorly maintained
  • Walls should also be washed down whenever you are moving into a new structure. That way, you can be sure you are putting your belongings into a clean area.
  • You should hire us to wash down your walls whenever you move out in order to ensure they are sparkling clean, as you risk not getting your deposit back if your walls are dirty.

ServiceMaster Quality Services can help you with all your wall cleaning needs. To find out more about our wall or other cleaning services:


Hopefully wall cleaning becomes part of your on-going portfolio of areas that you want to keep properly cleaned. Sure, you can do this yourself but do you have the time? Do you have the desire? If you answer no for either question and you know your walls need that tender loving care then contact us at ServiceMaster Quality Services and we would love to take care of that for you.  


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