How Often Should You Have Rug Cleaning Done?

December 15, 2017

Do you have oriental type rugs somehwhere in our offices or homes? If you do and ever wonder how often you should consider getting them professionally cleaned then please read on. 


Many of us have rugs on the floor in our homes and offices, adding to the beauty and charm of your space. Rugs are one of the hardest-working decorative items you can own! We track dirt and debris onto them daily, spill our food and drinks, and our pets use them as beds (and sometimes worse!). If you have a rug in your home or office, you can keep it in the best condition possible and extend its lifespan by having a professional rug cleaning company clean it at least once a year. 

While vacuuming is enough to keep surface dirt off of your rug, the fibers of your rug is great at trapping dirt, germs, and even dust mites deep down in the fibers. Only a professional deep clean can get all of that out. You’ll be amazed at how our rug cleaning team can completely restore the appearance of your rug, no matter how long it has been since you had it cleaned and no matter what’s been done to it in that time. Plus, getting rid of the dirt and dust in your rugs can actually help you feel better as allergens are removed and you are able to breathe easier. We’ll use our professional equipment and powerful cleaning agents to lift out dirt, stains, and even germs from your rug to leave it looking, feeling, and smelling its best. 

Contact us today and let’s make an appointment for our rug specialists to come to your home or office to give you a free, non-commital, price for professionally cleaning your rugs! Don’t forget to check out the other services that we offer, including upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning. Our Technicians are highly trained, and you’ll love how courteous and professional they are when working with you. 


We know you understand the importance of keeping your possessions properly cleaned and we also know how busy you are on a daily basis so let ServiceMaster Quality Services get your possessions properly cleaned for a price you will probably be surprised with and results you will certainly be very happy with. 


By: Gene Rhodes




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