How to Diagnose your Problem When it Comes to Water Damage

December 17, 2015

Water Damage from a flood

With water damage, it can be tempting to cover up the noticeable signs of damage and move on. After all, it could be years before the wood begins to erode and give way. By that time you may have more money to address the concerns or you may even look into selling the home. But not so fast. Unfortunately, this is not at all a plausible solution and in doing so, you could jeopardize the foundation of the home and cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Water damage spreads

Water has a way of making its way through wood and continuing to spread. Even when the damage does not look severe, the wood can be heavily waterlogged. The water could and most likely will spread to the foundational beams that support the home if it is ignored. Repairing the foundation on a home can be very costly and this would be a negligent mistake.

Mold will grow and spread

When water damage is neglected or allowed to spread, mold will quickly begin to develop. The excess moisture will allow for rapid growth and expansion and shortly, the mold will takeover areas that was never affected by the water damage. This mold can further erode the wood and cause even more damage.

Diagnose the problem and address it

The best thing you can do is fully diagnose the problem once the water damage has been found. By acting quickly to address it, you can save the home from further damage. To diagnose your problem, you must first address the impact and determine the current state of damage with everything touched by the water. This is a complicated process and if the affected areas can be salvaged, it must be properly dried, saved and later inspected to ensure it is safe for reuse. High speed air movers, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers are just some of the sophisticated machines used to properly dry out the affected areas and make the environment conditions better for drying and total recovery.

If you have questions on water damage or diagnosing the extent of water damage, please call ServiceMaster Quality Services and we will be their for you and answer any questions you may have, help you through this complicated process of diagnosis and recovery, and get your mind at ease and property fully recovered. 



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