How to Minimize Water Damage

August 18, 2016



George had been hiking and found himself at the crest of a falling waterfall. As George sat down and sank his feet in the pond at the top of the waterfall, the rushing sound of water grew louder. His feet and ankles were feeling wetter. The sound kept getting louder and louder until he woke with a start and with horror realized something somewhere had sprung a leak. “Martha! Martha! You’ve got to wake up! We’re under water!”

“What’s that George,” Martha said, “we’re under water? What time is it anyway?”

George quickly looked at the clock on the dresser beside their bed. “It’s only 2am… I don’t know if we can get anyone to come out here at this time of night.”

“Call ServiceMaster Quality Services, George. Remember when they came out here a few months ago and cleaned up that washing machine fiasco?” 

“Yeah, I sure do,” George said. Looking back, George could almost laugh now. He and Martha had loaded up their old rickety washing machine and had gone shopping. They had returned to a house full of water damage that ServiceMaster Quality Services had quickly cleaned up. But here they were with another unnecessary catastrophe, one in which if George had been paying attention, could have been avoided. George knew the water was probably coming from the hot water heater because he was told it needed to be replaced. And he was in the process of doing just that but it was one day too late! 

“Well, George,” Martha began, “don’t you recall they said they were 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year? And that we should call them anytime no matter what the problem was?”

“Yes, dear, I sure do.” George was looking up the number. Here it is, ServiceMaster Quality Services, 985-872-1079.

The damage to a faulty hot water heater is costly in more ways than one. Water is continuously fed and stored in the hot water heater. Over time, mineral deposits develop on the bottom of the tank, corroding the tank liner and heating elements. Usually, without any warning, the corroded tank fails. And the stored water along with the water continuously being fed into the tank will create a deluge of despair. 

Here are a few things we want you to know if you have yet to experience the heart-rending distress of a flooded home due to a faulty hot water heater.  

  • Inspect your hot water heater regularly
  • Install a pan with a drain connected to a waste line
  • Maintain clearance to the hot water heater in order that you have access to the automatic shut-off valve
  • Install a water alarm
  • Explore the pros and cons of installing a tankless hot water heater
  • Install an insulation blanket around the tank to help lower energy costs and help reduce extreme temperature changes that contribute to tank wear and tear

Now, if you want to know how we got George and Martha out of their predicament you will need to contact ServiceMaster Quality Services. As you reach out to us for assistance we want you to know that we only have one thing in mind and that is to restore your peace of mind. We care about your property as much as you do. 


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