How to Prevent Spreading Germs in Terrebonne Parish

November 10, 2016

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The winter months are fast approaching which means it is never too early to start thinking about some of the ways you can help prevent spreading germs throughout Terrebonne Parish. To ensure people don’t get needlessly sick, it is necessary to go beyond routine cleaning. At ServiceMaster Quality Services we take pride in leaving your business in better shape than it was before you retained us. In every business, there are items used every single day that comprise the potential for passing germs. We have listed a few. 

  1. Telephone: Business phone systems are still providing valuable service, even in the cellular telephone age. Frequent use of the telephone affords the unfortunate possibility of sharing colds and the flu with fellow workers. Use rubbing alcohol or antibacterial wipes to sanitize the mouth and earpiece, especially after you’ve been ill or after someone has used your phone. Be careful not to spray disinfectant directly on the phone as the moisture may leak into sensitive electronic circuits and cause a short. 
  2. Door Handles and Door Locks: How many times a day and by how many people are doors opened at your place of business? Well, ideally, door handles should be cleaned several times per day. Sanitizing wipes could be stationed near the door with a memo sent out to employees explaining the incredible importance of maintaining a healthy and sanitized environment. 
  3. Breakroom Dish Rack: How many people give this any thought? Dish racks are famous for mold and mildew build-up which can cause a variety of respiratory problems. Use a 1/4 cup of bleach per gallon of water and a tub large enough to submerge the dish rack. Allow it to soak for 20 minutes. Use a clean cloth to wipe away mold and grime. Use a toothbrush to clean corners. Allow to dry before using. 
  4. Ice Cube Trays: Are the ice cubes starting to give your favorite beverage a strange flavor? Try soaking them in a vinegar-water dilution for 20 minutes or more. Over a period of time, ice cube trays can build up a light film of calcium sulfate which is found in hard water.
  5. Keyboards: There you are typing away on someone else’s keyboard, occasionally scratching your nose or rubbing your eyes. The following day you call in sick. How did that happen?  It could be that the keyboard you were using yesterday was infected with germs. Be careful not to spray any disinfectant directly on the surface of the keyboard or you may short out a circuit. Instead, use an antibacterial wipe and lightly wipe germs away. 

Can you think of some other items in your business environment that are used often and given little consideration to the health hazards they represent? We would appreciate hearing about them from you. At ServiceMaster Quality Services we do more than routine cleaning. For a free assessment of your cleaning needs contact us today. Friendly folks are looking forward to speaking with you. 








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