How to recover after a fire with disaster restoration services

April 21, 2016


The first few hours bring a whirlwind of phone calls, emergency lights and sounds, and endless questions. The fire department arrived and was hopefully able to salvage most of the existing structure. After the firefighters douse your home and soak all your personal contents within, they will try to provide a temporary board up. Next you’ll likely be advised to contact your insurance company, who will put you in contact with a field adjuster. The adjuster will presumably recommend you find your own vendors to restore your home and personal treasures therein.

Few things in life are as invasive as experiencing a fire in your home. The initial shock is enough to send the most balanced person into despair. Most professionals skim over the very important step of finding a way to deal with the emotional trauma this event has caused.

Where do you go from here? How do you get back into the swing of things? According to the American Psychological Association, some proven techniques to help you recover and cope after a fire loss include:

  •  deep breathing and meditation
  •  crying and releasing negative emotions healthily
  •  communicating with family and friends
  •  focusing on that which you still have
  •  taking advantage of community support

ServiceMaster Quality Services is proud to have been of service to our community, Terrebonne Parish, Lafourche Parish, and all surrounding Parishes, since 1990. Our experts are available 24/7 to offer seasoned advice and the highest quality disaster restoration services. Restoration technicians will treat your home and personal belongings with the respect they, and you, deserve. Let our staff assist you through this difficult process of restoring your home and your peace of mind.

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