How to Remove Fire Smoke Smell, Effectively and Safely

September 30, 2014

Soot smell!    Soot damage!

Neither are nice to see or to smell and if they are affecting your home or office you want nothing more than to get rid of them. Read the blog below to get some helpful tips on how this author thinks you might want to go about accomplishing this and getting your structure back to how it was before the fire. 


Living through a fire can be a traumatic experience, whether it occurs in your apartment complex, your home or the office building where you work. Cleaning up after a fire is a significant challenge, as is removing that unmistakable, tell-tale odor of smoke and soot related to fire damage

 .  Doing so generally involves thoroughly cleaning virtually every surface.

. Experienced professionals are the best option to perform such cleaning–for example, those who are untrained might try to remove soot, only to find that this has resulted in the soot simply being spread around, and even harder to remove in the long run. 

But cleaning up such a tragic event is only half the job–there’s also the challenge of removing fire-related odors. There are a number of products used by cleaning services to eliminate such odors, but these must be used with caution.  For example, ozone generators, widely used in fire restoration, can carry health and environmental risks , and are only to be used by experienced professionals who understand the risks and take adequate precautions. There are also effective alternatives to ozone generation treatment, a growing group of environmentally-safe cleaning products. Some of these products work by volatizing natural oils into a dry vapor which is so safe you (and your pets) don’t have to leave the affected area during treatment. 

Environmentally-Safe Cleaning Products

There is a growing number of environmentally-safe cleaning and odor elimination products which are extremely effective. In these products, molecules are released through a membrane which seals the neutralizing odors. These molecules react chemically with the odor-producing molecules created by the fire, such as aldehyde, sulfide and carboxylic acid. The dry vapor which emanates from the cleaning product is especially effective not only because of its odor neutralization properties, but also because it moves freely through the air and can sink (safely) into a wide variety of materials, including wood, cement and wallboard. 


Both traditional cleaning products and more recently-developed, environmentally-safe alternatives eliminate odors and are safe to use by the experienced professionals at ServiceMaster Quality Services for a wide number of applications. Their experience includes cleaning and odor elimination associated with smoke, mildew, mold, skunk odor, pet odor, and odors associated with flooding in a wide variety of settings, including hospitals, hotels, schools, office buildings and nursing homes.  

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Fire damage is something we never dream will ever happen to us but unfortunately sometimes it hits closer to home than we can ever image. No need to go through this by yourself. Want to restore your soot damaged property back to its original shape and smell then contact us and we will be more than glad to help. 


By: Gene Rhodes



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