In-laws in for the Holidays? Schedule Your House Cleaning Service Now!

November 12, 2015

In-laws in for the holidays?

For the week-to-week cleanup, a maid service generally does a good job. These technicians usually visit your home once a week and handle the dusting, laundry and sweeping as well as other tasks. Yet when you are hosting the in-laws for the winter holidays this year, you need a professional who takes house cleaning to a much higher (or deeper) level.

Not only do you hope to impress your guests with your home’s overall look and smell, but you also want to avoid any allergy attacks that dust and fibers might bring on. What should you expect from a dedicated professional deep-cleaning team?

  • Washed vs. dusted surfaces. Examples include ceiling fan blades, light fixtures and mini-blinds.


  • Scrubbed vs. washed areas. Your stove top could probably use a good scrubbing. The same is true for your bathtub and shower tiles.


  • Below surface cleaning vs. surface maintenance. We move your sofa, move the rug back and clean in areas where folks normally do not bother to spend a lot of time on maintenance. Your sofa’s seat cushions are removed and cleaned from the underside.


  • Time. A deep cleaning of your home is not something that we can promise to accomplish in an hour or two. Instead, our professionals visit your location, take stock of the cleaning tasks at hand and then provide you with a more accurate time estimate. We finish the job right – no matter how long it takes.

When the pros are done, your home’s windowsills gleam, the inside of the microwave is spotless and the shower door sparkles. Why add to your holidays worries when you can have someone else make the home presentable for the in-laws? Contact us today to learn more about our residential whole house deep cleaning service.




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