Keep Your Wood Floors Clean During the Fall and Winter Months

November 11, 2016


A lot of people have opted for wood floors instead of carpet, and it’s no surprise why. They are stunningly beautiful, and they provide a relief from allergens often increased by carpet. However, in order to keep your wood floors looking as good as new, you need to keep them clean. During the fall and winter months this can be difficult, so below is a list of ways you can keep your wood floors clean during the fall and winter months.

Wipe Your Pet’s Paws

Pets track in more debris than people. They aren’t careful about what they track inside because they don’t know they’re supposed to think about it. So, you have to do that for them. Train your pet to wait by the door after a walk or outdoor playtime instead of rushing inside as quickly as possible. While they sit by the door, wipe their paws down with a towel, removing any excess moisture and debris they might have gathered. Remember to give them a treat. 


While you might not need a vacuum quite as much on wood floors as carpet you still need it. During the fall when there’s more debris such as leaves and acorns on the ground you need to vacuum more often. Debris isn’t kind to wood floors, and the longer you leave them lying around the more likely you are to find scratches on your beautiful wood floors. 

Look Before You Move Furniture

During the holidays a lot of people rearrange their furniture. They slide couches out of the way to make room for their guests and move chairs to create a welcoming seating area. While it’s great to make your room guest-ready, you need to be careful while moving your furniture. Make sure any furniture you move isn’t missing any felt pads. If it is, replace it before sliding it across your floor. Otherwise, you’ll endure nasty scratches right before the holidays. No one wants that. 

Prepare Plants Before Bringing Them Inside

The holidays are a great time for decorating. If you’re planning to include plants in your holiday decor this year, make sure you have bases beneath them. Without the proper base, plants can easily leak water on your wood floor, causing unwanted damage. 

Prepare For the Wind and Rain

The fall season brings with it a lot of cloudy, rainy days. This added moisture is fine so long as it stays outside. You don’t want water seeping in through your windows, damaging your floor in the process. In order to prevent water damage, make sure your windows are closed, both the top and bottom sash, and firmly locked. It’s a safety measure you should take all year round, but during the cold fall weather it also provides protection for your floor and lowered energy bills. 


While guests are welcome during the holiday season, you don’t welcome the water and gunk on their shoes. Doormats encourage guests to wipe their feet before entering your home, which will give your floors protection against scratches. 

If you want to make your floors truly shine for the holidays, contact us for the best service available. We look forward to serving you soon. 


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