Let the Professionals Do Your Rug Cleaning

September 12, 2016


Many people feel as if vacuuming on a daily basis, and cleaning the rugs themselves is enough. If you have purchased rugs for your home, or office and received a warranty with your purchase, chances are your rug cleaning alone is not enough to keep the warranty. Below you will find three reasons that your rugs should be cleaned by a professional.

 1. Allergies: carpets are known for trapping dust. No matter how often you vacuum, these particles get trapped in the carpet, and the only way to truly clean your carpets is by hiring a professional cleaning person.

2. Warranty: many companies will not honor your warranty if you have not had your carpet cleaned by a professional. Some companies require yearly cleaning and others require every 24 months. Check your warranty paperwork to be sure that you are meeting the company’s standards.

3. Pets: if you have pets in your home, you should have your carpets cleaned by a professional. This is especially important if you have more than one pet. Even for those that are not allergic to pet hair, it can become irritating if your carpets are overrun with the particles from the hair that get trapped in the carpet.

The above list shows just a few reasons to have your carpets cleaned by a professional cleaning service. Vacuuming your carpets is a necessary maintenance to keep them clean, but the real work is done when the professionals come in and clean them. 

For more information on having your carpets cleaned by a professional company like ServiceMaster Quality Services, please contact us.


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