New Moms: Welcome Baby with a Deep Cleaning of Your Bathroom

June 6, 2016


For new Moms, everything changes when you bring home that baby. Suddenly, you see signs of danger everywhere, and notice things that you didn’t see before. Many moms come home with an infant and realize their bathroom is in need of cleaning.


Some of the problem probably starts in pregnancy. With the growing abdomen, it gets harder and harder to keep up with cleaning, and it’s easy to let things slide. In the bathroom, that means tile and grout may be dirty, and may even have mold or mildew.

While parents might not mind a shower that isn’t spotless, things change when you think about setting your precious baby in the tub if it’s not perfectly clean. When parents picture giving their child a bubble bath before bed, dirt and mildew aren’t part of what they imagined.

New parents can take advantage of special tile and grout cleaning provided by ServiceMaster Quality Services to make sure that bathroom is sparkling clean and ready for baby’s first bath. A detailed, multi-step, process treats and cleans the tile and grout, and then seals it to make sure it stays clean.

If you have other areas of concern in the bathroom, we can also deep clean hard surface floors, because that’s another area that is hard to reach in the later stages of pregnancy, and once baby is home, many Moms don’t have the time or energy to scrub floors.

And we’re here to help if Mom needs a hand with the rest of the house too. Carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, windows, and light fixtures are just some of the areas we can clean to make having a new baby in the house an easier transition. We use environmentally friendly products too, so you can rest assured they are safe for the planet, and for your child.

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