Offensive Odors Bothering You? ServiceMaster Has Smell-Good Solutions

May 26, 2016

You know that commercial on television which talks about being ‘nose-blind’ to pet odors in your home? That’s not just a creative marketing campaign, it’s actual scientific fact. Duke University’s medical center has performed studies about the effects of smells on the brain where creating memories are concerned. Basically certain smells can hold lifelong associations for people. For instance, if your home smells like wet dog most of the time, others will also think about the smell of wet dog when they think of you! This is likely not the kind of thing you want to be remembered for over your lifetime, right?


A number of smells build up in your home over time for very basic reasons. Every time you cook, whenever you smoke inside, or having pets can also generate smells that linger in your home. These smells tend to stick around for a long time because they become absorbed in your carpets, curtains, and your furniture.

While the buildup of smells is common in many households, the big problem becomes when the inhabitants of the house become so familiar with these scents, they no longer realize they are present. However, when guests come to visit, the first thing they are likely to notice is these odors.

Regular Cleaning Isn’t Enough

Daily cleaning can help cut down on the buildup of odor causing bacteria but it won’t eliminate them completely. The only way to take control over odors invading your home is with a regular deep cleaning routines. Carpets and furniture should be professionally cleaned to release trapped odors and remove odor-causing bacteria.

Odors can also build up due to excessive humidity in the room. A dehumidifier installed in your living areas can reduce dampness which leads to mildew and mold. When weather permits, open windows to let air circulate throughout the house. You also should perform regular checks of plumbing and pipes to make sure there are no leaks which can also cause bad smells. Pet odors can be reduced by regularly washing pet bedding and ensuring litter boxes are cleaned daily. A professional cleaning of carpeting can help remove pet stains and odors.

If you are planning on hosting guests in the near future, contact our service professionals at ServiceMaster Quality Services. No job is too small for us to handle. We can also do a deep cleaning of your whole home to make sure good memories don’t involve bad smells. Call us today at 985-872-1029

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