Office Cleaning: The Solution to Your Indoor Allergy Symptoms?

March 16, 2016



Some people dread coming in to the office every morning, and it’s not always because of work-related stress.  For many people, office buildings are a source of unpleasant allergy symptoms, which can interfere with productivity and make the work day miserable.

What’s more, stress can intensify allergy symptoms — so for employees who are working highly stressful jobs, regular professional office cleaning becomes even more crucial. Trying to fight these symptoms with allergy medications can cause fatigue, which lowers total productivity.

Fortunately, allergy symptoms don’t always have to be a part of the workday.  With regular professional office cleaning, many allergy symptoms can be alleviated or substantially reduced.  Common allergens such as mold, mildew, dust, pollen, and tobacco smoke tend to gather in office spaces and cause symptoms such as runny noses, itchy eyes, headaches, and fatigue.

Allergens can collect in places such as carpets and blinds. When carpets and blinds are kept clean, this can actually improve air quality by helping remove allergens from circulation. However, once carpets and blinds become “saturated” with allergens, they lose their trapping power and actually begin to release allergens back into the air. Furthermore, if there’s no air purification system in place, allergens can actually be continuously re-circulated by ventilation systems. Regular cleaning can help you avoid these problems by preventing allergens from accumulating over time.

Are you experiencing allergy symptoms that you think might be related to your indoor air quality? Don’t let your office space get the best of you! To learn more about how investing in a professional office cleaning service can improve the quality of your workday, please contact us at ServiceMaster Quality Services to discuss what we can do to help you maintain a healthy work environment.

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