Organization Techniques You Might Be Doing Wrong

August 16, 2016

home_organization_3_SU_Aug_2016.jpgLots of people have a goal to get their homes in order and get rid of the clutter. While many start out with the best of intentions, the work often gets overwhelming. Taking on too much decluttering at one time can become de-motivating so it’s best to do your organizing in smaller steps, one room at a time.

There is a lot of good advice out there about how to get your house in order but some of the well-known organizing tips may actually be having the opposite effect and creating more mess.

Here are some things you might being doing wrong on your journey to a more organized home life:

Counters Are Too Clean

Nicely organized kitchen counters can go a long way to restoring order to your home but if you are putting everything behind a cabinet door, you may be making your life harder. Start by clearing off each counter and giving it a good disinfecting. Next, you’ll need to sort through the things you use constantly versus what you use minimally. Store the items you use occasionally in a cabinet and keep the blender or toaster within easy reach on the counter for trouble-free access each day.

Using the Refrigerator as a Message Board

The refrigerator is likely a big part of your kitchen. If it is covered in to-do notes, kids’ artwork, and calendars, it can make your whole kitchen look cluttered. Remove all of the hanging papers and magnets and give the fridge a good exterior cleaning. Designate another area of your home as the communication hub of the family. Invest in a quality corkboard to hang on the wall where all of the important papers and notes can be stored neatly.

Shopping Too Early

The temptation to buy a bunch of cute organizers can be strong. It is important to do the cleaning and organizing work first before investing in organization accessories. Many times people will overspend on items not needed, ending up with even more clutter than they started with in the first place.

Too Much of Everything

If you constantly feel like the walls are closing in and nothing is ever decluttered, it may be time to look at the big stuff. Too many pieces of furniture, too many knick-knacks displayed on the shelves, or too many wall hanging can suffocate a room. Take a day to move all furniture away from the walls and give the room a good cleaning. Select your favorite pieces of furniture to keep and put the rest in another area of your home or in storage. Remove excess items from shelves and store in a box. Change out decorative displays every few months for a fresh, uncluttered look.

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