Porcelain Tile and the Importance of Proper Floor Maintenance

February 4, 2015


Porcelain tiles, known for their durability and versatility, are common in commercial and residential flooring. They are hardy, beautiful, and come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and textures. Treat them well, and porcelain floors will serve you well in return for many years. However, it’s not enough to give them a gentle sweep and quick mop on occasion. Only proper and thorough floor maintenance keeps those tiles gleaming and in top shape.


Because porcelain tiles come in various types (finished/unfinished, textured/non-textured), correct cleaning methods, tools, and products vary. Use of incorrect cleansers and cleaning methods could result in a hazy build up on the tile and in the grout or may even break down the ever-important grout sealer. In addition to daily cleaning, porcelain requires deeper cleanings from time to time to prevent build-up of stubborn dirt, spilled liquids, as well as residue left by certain cleansers.


Depending on if you have polished or unpolished porcelain, you may need to have the tile sealed periodically. Porcelain tiles are typically fire-glazed which acts as a sealant. However, polishing porcelain tends to leave tiny pores that need protection in order to prevent stains, scratches, and other damage. However, before the sealing process it is imperative to strip the tiles of any old sealer that may remain. This ensures the best adherence, function, and appearance of the new sealer upon the tile. Specific method, products, and timing are all important for a job well done.


Over time, even the hardiest tile can scratch, crack, and break. Part of a thorough and routine maintenance plan includes inspection of tile flooring for any signs of damage. A little break here or a crack there, or a chip out of the grout negatively affects the appearance of your home or business. If left unattended cracks and chips can also reduce the integrity of the floor. Aside from safety issues such as tripping or slipping, these damaged areas can allow water to make its way in between and underneath tiles. Regular inspection helps prevent small issues from becoming large problems.

Don’t Forget the In-Betweens

Not to be over shadowed by the tiles, grout is an integral part of quality flooring. Grout basically acts as a concrete seam and is more fragile than it may seem. Unlike the tile itself, all grout requires occasional sealing in order to prevent discoloration. Without the proper cleaning and sealing, the porous material is highly susceptible to stains from spills and even just everyday dirt.

Porcelain flooring is a smart and beautiful investment. It needs specific professional care and maintenance to keep it looking and functioning like new for many years. We at ServiceMaster Quality Services know flooring. Our experts are happy to take care of all of your maintenance needs. For more information about porcelain, or any type of floor maintenance, contact us by clicking on the link below and we will take care of your cleaning and floor maintenance needs. 


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