Post-Construction Cleanup: Clearing the Path for Progress

April 28, 2016


The last sub-contractor is finished with the building site. You step back to admire your handy work once more before moving on to the next job. You see the great attention to detail. The construction couldn’t have gone better, but looking at it through the new owner’s eyes, you see a mess. Scraps of lumber and sheet rock litter the lawn. You realize that indoors you’d still want to wear a dust mask to protect your respiratory system.

A professional post-construction cleanup service can remove the debris from the home or business to reveal that all-important curb appeal of any new construction site, so a home or business will look like it’s ready to open the doors to the public or a homeowner will be ready to host a family dinner.

Inside, the cleaning crew will dust and wash all of the surfaces, removing that layer of sawdust and dry wall that’s covering everything. They sweep, vacuum and mop floors. You know the sticky junk under the stickers on the new appliances? Your professional cleaning team will know just the right thing to get that off. They will also remove the stickers from the windows and clean them, both in- and outdoors.

A professional cleaning team can leave the site in tip-top shape so that the new owners will be able to see more clearly the detailed attention and skill of the construction crew. The post-cleaning focus will be where you want it—on what a great job the builders did.

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